Sunday, March 30, 2014

Broken hearted...

     Good day to you!  I am happy to say that the sun is shinning in Michigan today, and there is basketball on TV. Does it get much better?
     I think that maybe why my heart is so broken. As I think about what I am going to write, I am so grateful that God has blessed my husband and I the way he has.  If you look back over your life, you will often see times that were so dark you could end up in the worst situation. I see those times, if I am honest with myself, a lot over my early 20's.  I lived in a completely different state from my family, roughly 16 hours drive. And there were lots, I mean lots of days were I didn't have money to drive to the store let alone go home. And yet God sustained me, even in my very active rebellion. There were a lot of dark moments, where I just needed something to fill the empty space inside that only God can fill. I tried with some many other things to substitute God.
     Last night I read and saw pictures of a little girl, that really made me count my blessings. It original post is from  I then went to the website from the photographer here...    (If you go to the photographer's website know that there are pictures of a man without his clothes on.) Here is the story in a very bad nutshell. The photographer saw this mom walking down the street after being out partying pushing a baby in a stroller. She then asked if she could come back and take pictures of their life. Document the mom and the dad of this little girl. They are drug addicts who often party at their home with their little girl.
     I'm not here to  judge the parents or the photographer, my last post had enough judgment, and there is another call to action in these pictures.  The photographer and her subjects are in Russia. But I know that Russia is not the only place where children are being raised in families like these.  There is drug addiction here in America, even in the beautiful town that I live in.  My heart breaks for the girl, but also for the parents. Where are the people who can help? And I don't mean the government, I mean God's people?  Where is the church?
     This morning these pictures remain with me in their sorrow and in my sorrow that I can not go over and help. If you knew anything about me it is that I long to help. With not too many miss steps this could have been my life.  And I am grateful God kept me from going down this path, but it is not just an "over there" problem.  It is a here, now, in this place problem!  In our town, it is hidden. I believe pride keeps it from being so in your face, but it is here. Ask those who work with various charities. This winter has been long and hard in Michigan and families who are homeless struggled a ton this year. All the area charities, homeless shelters struggled to provide food and coats to the people coming in for help.
     There are horror stories about living conditions of children in Michigan. I am thankful for friends I have that do foster care. I wish I helped them out more. That is a rough open your home and life. Pour into these kiddos then when they leave you realize how you loved them and how hurt you are by their absence. They do something to your heart, and to the hearts of those around them.  There are many, many children in Michigan who need homes, forever home.  If you live in Michigan check out this site and see if God is calling you to help, in anyway.
     The parents of the young girl...I don't even know where to start, except on my knees in prayer. God send someone who can help!  That is my cry if there is someone here in Michigan or living in Russia.  Nothing is more powerful than prayer. This is where I plan to stay until God says move.  Prayer...for a child...for a mother...for a father...a city...a neighborhood...prayer.
     God change my heart, my city for Your Glory for your purpose! Let me, us not miss one opportunity to love someone deeply.
     James 1:27 (GW)
Pure, unstained religion, according to God our Father, is to take care of orphans and widows when they suffer and to remain uncorrupted by this world.

I challenge you because of He who challenges me!
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